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    Ant Control  

    The ant is another troublesome pest that can cause discomfort to people whether at home, in the office or on your property. Like termites, ants operate in a communal lifestyle, and their colonies can be as large as up to half a million in number, making ant controlimperative.

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    The Effective and Affordable Solution

    Once a home ant infestation has been established, a colony can short electrical powerpoints and weaken the structure of your home, as half a million mouths chew through roof voids and wall cavities. Ants are more than an annoyance, they have the potential to cause serious, long-term damage. To see a colony of ants in your house or business can be frustrating and embarrassing. If their rapid growth is not put in check quickly, it can get out of hand and pose serious issues.

    If you’ve noticed ant pathways towards food (laid down by some species with pheromones) or several small piles of dirt appearing near your property (often housing the queen ant) it is clear you may have a significant issue on your hands and should organise an ant control approach right away.

    Long-Term Ant Control

    While they are easy to spot, ants are far more difficult to be rid of without the help of a professional ant exterminator. Here at Black Label Pest Management, we draw on our many decades of experience using ant killer approaches to first assess what type and stage of metamorphosis the colony is in. This will determine the exact management plan that will be most effective to exterminate the issue completely.

    Once our team of experts have identified the species, we’ll use a thorough investigation of the property to integrate treatment strategies and build a natural, non-toxic ant extermination program. Found Fire Ants on your property? We’ve got fire ant killer strategies tailored to you. No matter what species you’re dealing with, we’re equipped with the best ant killer tools to get the job done. This will protect your property into the long term without any health threat to the owner of the home or business.

    In the rich bushland of the Newcastle and Charlestown, don’t dismiss ants as just a part of the lifestyle. Speak to our experts at Blackwater Pest Management and find out how you can make use of our quality ant control services for an affordable price.