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    Newcastle Metropolitan

    Having worked in the homes of Newcastle residents for the past twenty years, we know what it takes to get rid of pests for good. Whether it’s a cockroach control problem or a flea infestation that’s driving your pets crazy, we have the skills and experience to help. At Black Label Pest Management, we’re the Newcastle pest control experts you can trust.

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    It’s tempting to think some DIY destruction can get rid of your pesky pests, but when it comes to infestations it’s what you don’t see that is really doing damage. That one rat you saw in the yard? He belongs to a social group that’s actively breeding so you need rodent control Newcastle solutions. Those nasty cockroaches you saw when you turned on the kitchen light? Their nests are hidden in wall cracks and under the floorboards. The signs of infestation you see are typically the tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry though, help is here.

    Newcastle Pest Control

    This might make for uncomfortable reading, but recent investigations have shown that Jesmond has a severe bed bug problem. When it comes to Penrith it’s a rodent rampage, while Parramatta is under siege from the scuttling cockroach menace, making cockroach control Newcastle’s priority. The truth is, Newcastle provides the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of pests and vermin who see our city as an endless supply of food and warmth. It takes experienced professionals using the latest technology to get rid of bugs and infestations, we’re the exterminator Newcastle chooses.