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    Treatment for Food Services

    In environments where food is processed on mass, restaurant pest control is an absolute must. With food, water and shelter freely on hand, food services make the perfect living quarters and contaminations or infestations can manifest quickly. They can destroy whole business’ reputations as well as hundreds of dollars worth of product. For these businesses, we understand that effective, holistic and sensitive pest control treatment is advisable and profitable for consumers and business owners alike. Pest control procedures in the food industry are vital, and we provide them efficiently and effectively.

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    Meeting Food And Safety Standards

    Black Label Pest Management provides you with the best treatment for all branches of food services. Just as we offer professional services in the area of residential pest control and management, we don’t deviate from our standard in the treatment of food services. We have customized and specially-made products that are non-toxic and tailored to meet the standards of food safety required in Australia as well as a $0 call out fee and $0 booking fee.

    With a comprehensive understanding of the latest regulations enforced by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Australia (HACCP), Black Label Pest Management restaurant pest control solutions uphold the ‘world’s best practice standard’ to reduce food safety incidents dramatically. We maintain a consistently high standard of service, performance and outcomes in pest control within food handling facilities. With an unblemished safety record of our cost-effective products, we give you so much more for so much less to guarantee you a good return on investment.

    Keep Your Costs Down

    So sit down with us, and together let’s reach a well-informed decision on the best approach to giving your food the healthiest treatment. Then, at the end of the day, we won’t leave without also providing you with some invaluable tips for integrating pest control management into everyday preparation and procedures. This helps to keep your costs low.

    From cafe pest control to dry-food facilities, wet or liquid food services, or food retail stores, try us today and let us give your food the best restaurant pest control treatment it deserves.