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    If your cat or dog has started to scratch or bite itself with regularity, you may be suffering from a flea infestation and require a flea exterminator . Not only do fleas pose a health concern to your pets, with the potential for allergic reactions, but they also move onto human hosts in search of blood meals, causing uncomfortable rashes or itches with each bite. The key to removing flea infestation is to break the breeding cycle, with the aim of a comprehensive and lasting flea treatment. Sick of seeing your furry friends in discomfort? Our residential pest control services can help. Read on for your comprehensive flea removal guide.

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    Signs Of Fleas and Flea Eggs

    Typically around 2mm long, spotting fleas in home settings isn’t easy. You can use your pets to help you identify your flea control problem.

    Observing your pet’s behaviour is the first step. Are they excessively scratching? Have overly reddened skin? Or, are they losing hair? These are all signs of flea infestation.

    Fleas typically target the hindquarters of dogs and the head and neck of cats, and will be visible as a small reddy-brown insect. In addition, fine black flea droppings, or ‘flea dirt’, are also signs of infestation.

    Fleas typically lay eggs on the body of your pets, but these fall off and lodge in carpets, bedding and floorboards. This means it’s never as simple as treating the fleas you identify on your pets, a comprehensive treatment from a proven flea exterminator is the only solution.

    Our Comprehensive Flea Extermination Solutions

    Once fleas have established themselves within your property, and begun their breeding cycle, only a professional extermination service can break the cycle. At Black Label Pest Management, we treat the entirety of your yard, under your home wherever possible and the interior of your house.

    Our integrated and structured treatment destroys the breeding cycle and ensures all egg casings are neutralised. This flea killer solution means no more bites for you or your pets, and a lasting peace of mind. Best of all, it’s naturally derived and won’t pose a threat to your health, or that of your pets.

    If you’re struggling to remove fleas from your pets and need professional help, contact our team of friendly and experienced professionals and let us give your fleas the flick!