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    Hamilton is a beautiful town, but don’t be fooled. Rodents can infest any home. Homes are the perfect environment for rodents, like rats and mice, because they provide food, water, shelter and warmth. That’s why you may notice rodents in your home during the cooler months. We make it our mission to provide pest control Hamilton families can turn to for lasting results.

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    The rodent removal specialists

    Rats and mice can cause many problems in your home, including:

    • Spreading disease, via their urine or droppings
    • Spreading serious infections, via fleas or intestinal worms
    • Causing serious structural damage to your doors, skirting boards, food containers, books and upholstery
    • Contaminating and spoiling food, via their droppings, fur or urine

    So be vigilant and watch for signs of rodent activity, including:

    • Droppings – New rodent droppings look shiny and pliable, and become dull and hard within 3 days.
    • Rub marks – These greasy smear marks appear when rodents rub their fur against walls
    • Sounds – Normally heard at night, rodents make squeaking, clawing and gnawing sounds

    Comprehensive rodent removal

    The talented Black Label Pest Control team performs a comprehensive inspection and rodent control program. This includes:

    • Inspecting – We perform an inspection and present our findings
    • Baiting – We set up rodent bait stations at strategic locations, inside and outside your home. These bait stations securely hold the bait, meaning there is no danger to your pets.
    • Trapping – In areas where baits cannot be used, we set up specifically designed traps.
    • Tracking Powders – If we cannot immediately locate the rodents, rodent tracking powders help us to pinpoint their location.

    An easy way to protect yourself from rodents and other pests is maintaining proper sanitation. Simply remove food and water from rodent-prone areas and avoid keeping rubbish indoors overnight.

    Are you located in the Hamilton area and are concerned about rodents taking over your home? For all your extermination needs and to get rid of the pesky creatures for good, call the experienced team at Black Label Pest Management today.