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    Pre-Construction Inspections

    A pre-construction inspection and lasting termite protection are vital in ensuring the longevity of your new home. With 1 in 3 Australian homes affected by termite damage in their lifetime, it is vital to have prevention measures in place that protect you and your family.

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    Providing legally required termite preventative barriers Australian building codes require all buildings with timber elements, or structural elements susceptible to termite damage, to install termite barriers as a pre-construction preventative measure. This includes existing homes as well as extensions to existing structures. Termite barriers aid in the detection of termites by forcing them into zones where they may be identified and treated by our team of timber pest exterminators. We also use a comprehensive range of termite barriers, whether physical or chemical, to prevent termite subterranean access and target termites without you having to lift a finger.

    Pre-Construction Peace of Mind

    Termite protection for new homes is more than peace of mind. It is a huge selling point for homes throughout the Blue Mountains, raising the value of homes who have been equipped with the latest technological advantages in detecting and removing timber pests.

    Are you looking to renovate your home with additional extensions? Pre-construction inspections are an essential step, ensuring you comply with all Australian building and safety standards while looking out for the future protection of your home. Maybe you’re looking to extend your outdoor entertainment space, adding a new veranda or patio. It’s vital to termite proof these additions with lasting termite preventative measures too. All properties looking to get council approval are required to take pre-construction preventative measures.

    Accredited installers

    The key to avoiding termite damage is to combine thorough and professional pre-construction services with regular timber pest inspections. Though there are certain types of timber that are naturally resistant to termite damage, there is no single termite proof wood. The most effective form of treatment is our range of inspection and extermination services to ensure you and your family have control of your home.

    As accredited installers of Homeguard, Kordon, Sentricon and all reticulation lines, we have a range of termite control solutions at our disposal. From slab termite protection to premise termite bayer pesticides, no matter what type of home you have, we have the pre-construction termite prevention solutions to keep it safe.