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    Australian wasps commonly build their honeycomb patterned-nests around your house, lodged under eaves and soffits to remain hidden. On rare occasions, their hive can settle and build within internal walls of your home causing far more severe and complex issues. Keep your family safe by letting Black Label Pest Management handle your wasp control problems today.

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    Keep Your Family Safe

    Generally, wasps are more attracted to places which are rich with plant life including lawns, yards or patios, however they may also enter a building through an open window and begin nesting. If left uncontrolled a nest can grow to house up to 20,000 wasps. While their main goal in nature may be to collect nectar for honey, a wasp can give you a painful sting if they feel threatened by you. Unlike moths, cockroaches or ants who present a severe annoyance rather than a physical threat, the sting of a wasp may be deadly if a person has an allergic reaction to the venom, making wasp control extremely important.

    In some rare cases, a wasps nest may be accidentally destroyed during construction work or home renovations causing a large swarm to attack in a coordinated fashion and pose significant danger to human health. This is why it is important to keep wasps at bay as soon as spring starts. And why we never recommend attempting to remove a wasps nest yourself.

    Wasp Control Management Tips

    Unfortunately, there are not many steps you can take to try and avoid the formation of wasp colonies around your house. Getting rid of wasps is typically more challenging than preventing them from building their nests in the first place. Regularly looking up and checking eaves or the underside of gutters on your house may help to spot a problem early on. Being vigilant with shutting windows and keeping overhanging flora away from the immediate surroundings of your home may also help to prevent nests inside your home. But ultimately it is only with the help of the professionals at Black Label Pest Management that you can overcome the threat of wasps around your house!

    Black Label Pest Management offers a wide range of services which include tackling nests, with preventative chemical sprays to keep wasps away from your plants, patio, doors etc. Our inspections will take care of the job so you do not have to worry about it, ensuring that your house is safe and free of any wasp invasion. Give us a call today!