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    Though rarely the first pest that comes to mind in a household setting, moths are very common in the warm, humid suburbs of regional Australia and the Newcastle region. Australian moths can leave a lot of damage in your carefully cultivated home. So while they may not be dangerous for human life, or for your pets, moths are drawn to your food and clothing like… well a moth to a flame. Wondering how to get rid of moths? Read on and find out.

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    The Alarming Costs of Moths

    In fact, that statement is quite ironic as moths usually avoid light. This is why they are more commonly found in attics, basements, wardrobes and pantries. In these dark places, moths reside alongside their larvae, ingesting grains, nuts, flour and even scraps of your clothing. It is important to get rid of moths as soon as possible as they can leave feces on food, thus contaminating it. You may have to throw away large amounts of food items if they have been exposed to moths or even throw away clothes and bed sheets that have since been riddled with the damage done by clothes moths. At the end of the day, the cost of a moth infestation can be alarming!

    How To Get Rid Of Moths

    As established, unlike wasps and fleas, moths do not bite or cause any physical harm. In fact the odd moth can be tackled pretty easily on your own with a nearby shoe and a good swing of the arm. However, if there is an excessive appearance of moths or infestations have engulfed your cupboards and wardrobes then get in touch with Black Label Pest Management for moth prevention today. Our naturally derived chemical plans are designed to make short work of your moth problem, without harming your family or pets.

    Don’t let yourself be vulnerable to their presence! Black Label Pest Management will provide a thorough pest inspection to detect moths and their hidden larvae in your house, basement and storage areas. Our services will then provide treatments and pest control sprays to systematically eradicate moths regardless of size, type or source of nutrition. Give us a call, we’re more than happy to help.