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    Newcastle’s Charlestown is higher above sea level than the surrounding basin. Despite this, the presence of bugs and vermin remains. This leaves one of two options. We could raise the entire district so pests are unable to get into homes. Or, we could use a range of comprehensive and integrated pest control systems that put a stop to infestation for good. We’ve always been told to stick to what we know, so when it comes to pest control, Charlestown homes can trust. Here's a couple of reasons to bring in a professional pest control team.

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    The Benefits of Professional Pest Control

    Reduce health risks – The pests that live in your home aren’t just an eyesore. They carry a range of diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets alike. Think that cockroach couldn’t be any worse? Cockroaches can cause children’s asthma and act as an allergen, not to mention carry millions of bacteria and pathogens. Add to this the impact of bites and scratches caused by an army of unwanted pests and you’ve got a huge health concern.

    Save money – If you’ve only seen a handful of bugs, it may be tempting to hold off on a call to the professionals. But when termites take hold within your walls the damage will run in the thousands to fix the structural damage they’ve caused. Our professional exterminators use the latest termite pest control technology and a range of all natural products that effectively target pests without harming your family or pets. Our professional exterminators can remove your pest problems for a competitive and affordable price, more than worth the lasting peace of mind that comes with a bug free home.

    If you’re looking for pest control in Charlestown, look no further. We’ve been providing lasting solutions to a range of pest control problems from Newcastle to Nelson Bay. Reach out and speak to our team of experts today.