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    Types of Pests

    There are many different types of pests, yet all seem to share one common denominator: they are detrimental to our way of life and therefore unwelcome! Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, we’ve seen the different type of pests that invade our clients space and we wouldn’t wish their debilitating and devastating invasion upon anyone. We’re confident anyone with past experience would say the same, which is why we’ve made it our mission to rid the homes and businesses from pests for good!

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    The eight most common types of pest in Australia include

    • Termites

      With a destructive nature and a tendency to target the physical foundations in which we live, a termite infestation will be found in 1 in 3 Australian buildings and could mean a very expensive repair bill.

    • Fleas

      Preferring humid and warm environments, these pesky home pests can affect both residential and commercial spaces and are commonly found causing itching in pets such as cats, dogs and even birds.

    • Spiders

      Often posing real danger to human life with their poison, these eight-legged critters are generally considered to be one of the most intimidating commonly found in the home.

    • Cockroaches

      These house pests are one of the only creatures predicted to survive the atomic apocalypse… Need we say more?

    • Rodents (mice and rats)

      These critters are naturally made to gnaw away any stumbling blocks and are incredibly strategic in their pack mentality.

    • Ants

      Ants operate in a communal lifestyle and leave trails of pheromones that often lead to uncontrollable invasions into the home.

    • Bed Bugs

      Almost impossible to see, with rapid rates of reproduction and highly resistant to eradication attempts, these embarrassing little itchy insects are definitely one for the professionals.

    Others types of pests may include:

    If any of these common household pests have moved into your home or place of work without your permission then it’s time for them to go! Reach out and speak to a member of the Black Label Pest Management Team today and give your pests the flick!