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    Did you know that Australian Standards recommends every home has at least one termite inspection each year? With research showing 32% of Aussie homes have a history of

    Termite control

    Termite control damage, with 32% of pre-purchase inspections also showing existing termite damage, it’s clear that termites pose a huge threat to homes across Newcastle and the Charlestown, damaging internal structures and impacting on the value of properties, often going unseen until it is too late.

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    Signs of Termite Damage

    Unlike antscockroaches or spiders, termites are rarely seen in the open. Preferring dark and safe environments, they are difficult to spot – often until the damage has been done!

    If these signs, and sounds, are familiar, it’s time to give our trusted termite extermination team a call:

    • Hollow sounding timber – Termites consume timber from the inside out which leaves a thin wall once the damage is done. If you hear a hollow sound when you tap on a termite damaged wall, it’s a sign that the interior has been eaten away.
    • Your skirting board is easily damaged – With termites consuming your walls from within and leaving a thin facade, it is easy to push a vacuum cleaner or hand through. If this is the case you are either far too strong, or your termites have done considerable damage.
    • Your doors or windows are difficult to open – While termites consume wood, their excrement creates a protective environment that traps in moisture and heat. This results in timber swelling and makes it difficult to open doors and windows.

    Termite Protection and Extermination

    At Black Label  Pest Management we are equipped with the latest termite pest control detection technology to provide proactive solutions that put a stop to the termite rot before it gets out of control. Our termite treatment includes:

    • Pre-construction termite targeting to ensure there are no termite infestations in the early stages of construction.
    • Post-construction termite targeting to ensure your home is completed without unseen termite infestations.
    • Chemical barriers to provide a treated zone, using liquid termite protection chemicals, to prevent subterranean termite access.
    • Physical barriers, used as a non-toxic deterrent, which force termites to visibly trail over a designated perimeter, allowing for effective targeting.
    • Monitoring stations, installed on new or existing properties, use timber inserts or similar products to monitor the presence of termites.
    • Combination treatments which may include contaminant dusts, termite baits or targeted termiticides.

    Are you concerned about termite control in your home? Call the experts at Black Label Pest Management for termite removal and your own peace of mind.