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    It’s easy to underestimate the destructive power of an ant infestation in your home. More than a distraction, ants are a communal insect whose colonies can reach upwards of half a million. Once established around your home they can short out power points, weaken the structure of your home as they spread through roof voids and wall cavities, and become a constant source of frustration as they search for food. With half a million mouths to feed, that’s the potential for some serious damage. Wondering what to do about your ant infestation problem? Read on for our ant killer guide.

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    Signs of an ant infestation

    Here’s the good news, an ant infestation is easy to see. The bad news? They’re a serious challenge to eradicate without the help of an ant exterminator.

    If the following signs sound familiar, it’s time to reach out to our ant annihilation experts:

    • Ant’s nests around your home. Looking like a small pile of soil, these nests hold the source of your ant problem, the queen. However, some species of ant nest in the safety of your home’s walls, so it’s important to let our professionals help.
    • Ant pathways. Certain species of ants lay down pheromones, representing the presence of food, and encouraging more ants to follow.
    • Live ants. The most common sign of an infestation, unsurprisingly, is a presence of live ants in your home.

    How to evict the ants

    As with all communal insects, removal of your ant infestation will depend on the type of ants in your home and the stage of the colony. It’s important to bring in a Black Label Pest Management expert to help identify the species of ant. Once we know your enemy, we’ll know the type of food they’re seeking and which ant treatment management solution will be most effective. After a thorough investigation of your property, we’ll use integrated treatment strategies that centre around our range of natural, non-toxic ant extermination products that ensure lasting ant control.

    Ants are a common occurrence within homes throughout the Newcastle and Charlestown. But that doesn’t mean they should be a fixture within your home, call Black Label Pest Management and let our ant removal team take back your space today!