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    Pre-construction Termite Barrier

    Are you building a new home or renovating your current home? Before deciding on your colour palette and how to decorate, there’s something far more important to consider and that’s termite control. Choosing a proven pre construction termite barrier can save you thousands down the line.

    According to the Building Codes of Australia, Australian Standards 3660.1, a physical barrier must be installed into all new building structures to prevent termites. As a rule, all perimeters and penetrations have to be protected. However, the precise minimum requirements for a pre-construction termite barrier differs from state to state. Black Label Pest Management can help advise you on these legal standards as well as delivering the termite barrier treatment services to fulfill all legal requirements.

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    Adhering to Australian Building Regulations

    Under Australian Building Regulations, every new home must be either fitted with a termite management system or built with termite-resistant materials. As a homeowner, you have a choice of what termite protection is installed in your home. At Black Label Pest Management, we specialise in pre-construction termite barriers and offer many options to protect your home. Some of these include:

    • Termimesh – This non-poisonous physical termite barrier sets new standards in termite eradication and detection. It is installed around service penetrations prior to the slab pour and through the perimeter cavity walls at slab level.
    • Hand sprayed chemical soil treatments – This method involves applying a termicide to the soil, carport floor and around exterior walls. The treated soil is a strong deterrent to termites, ensuring they will not return.

    Unfortunately, a pre-construction termite barrier cannot be quoted over the phone. However, Black Label Pest Management will provide an obligation-free quote (free of charge). We’ll give you a personalised quote, either following a site consultation with yourself or your builder or after we examine your architect’s building plans.

    For your pre construction termite barrier, or to ensure your beautiful new home is securely protected against pests, rodents and termites, call our expert team to arrange a meeting today.