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    Merewether residents are blessed, in the bottom of Newcastle and within touching distance of Warners Bay, there is much to love about the Merewether   district. However, among the plentiful nature and stunning scenery there are plenty of pests looking to move into Merewether homes and make them their own. With termites posing a serious threat to Merewether   homes, it’s vital to have the exterminator Merewether homes trust. Black Label Pest Management are the proven and experienced answer to all your pest control Merewether needs.

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    The Merewether  Termite Problem

    Termites. Merewether  nightmares. Whatever you prefer to call them, they are a highly destructive pest that consumes timber at an alarming rate. With the ability to cause massive structural damage to the timber homes of the Merewether region, it’s vital to call on an extermination team with the latest technology and proven eradication methods that won’t pose a threat to you or your family.

    Figures show one in three Merewether homes may have termites, with the natural surrounds of the Blue Mountains the perfect home. If you have an older style home with timber flooring, poor ventilation and a ground level construction then you are at risk of termite infestation. The risk of termites increases further when gum trees are nearby, as these are the natural food source for Merewether termites, until they taste your home!

    Keeping Merewether homes safe

    When you choose the Black Label Pest Management team you get more than lasting peace of mind. We provide pre purchase inspection Merewether homes can count on to ensure they are not suffering from timber pest damage, as well as targeted termite control solutions that combine a range of methods to ensure your infestation is eradicated for good.

    Don’t let termites tear down your home. For pest control Merewether homes can count on, contact Black Label Pest Management and rest easy knowing your home is secure, strong and termite free.