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    Monitoring and Baiting Systems

    Are you searching for a way to remove pesky termites from your home or property without using chemicals? If so, a monitoring and termite baiting system is the ideal solution. A monitoring and baiting system is an extremely effective non-chemical termite treatment. It is very low impact and does not require any chemicals or drilling.

    This termite baiting system works in two stages:

    1. Termite bait is applied to the affected area (inside or outside) to eliminate the infestation.
    2. A sophisticated monitoring system is installed. This will alert the Black Label Pest Management team of any new termite attacks on your home.

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    Stage 1 – Inspection and Installation of Baiting Station

    After performing a thorough inspection of your home to determine which areas have termites, we will strategically place baiting stations in termite hotspots.

    The baiting stations we install are unobtrusive and sit directly in the feeding path of termites. As termites are naturally drawn to a food source, they will discover the bait and focus their feeding efforts on it, instead of your home. Then, termites will instinctively take the bait back to their nest, and the poison it releases will eliminate the termite colony in a matter of months.

    Stage 2 – Installing termite monitoring stations

    The specially designed termite monitoring stations are placed in strategic positions around your home. They have sheets of wood inside them, designed to intercept termites foraging in the area before they reach your home.

    As new termite colonies can move into your property, a follow-up inspection is essential. If we discover termites in one of the monitoring stations, we’ll replace the wooden baiting systems with termite bait, eliminating the new colony before it can reach your home.

    To ensure your home is well protected against the threat of termite damage, or for any other pest removal services, call the experienced team at Black Label Pest Management today.