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    When it comes to unwanted house guests, there aren’t many more unpopular than the cockroach. More than unappealing, they bring a range of potential health concerns from allergic reaction through the diseases they carry, making cockroach control top of the list. Ruining dinner parties and BBQ’s across the Charlestown and the surrounding Nepean suburbs with their mad dash across your floors, it is easy to feel powerless with supermarket traps and online tips not working. The solution? Black Label Pest Management.

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    Why You Need Roach Control

    It’s tempting to think you can control the cockroach problem in your home by yourself. But with all household pests, it’s what you don’t see that poses the greatest threat. Catching a rogue runner when you turn on the kitchen light may seem innocent. But they are the tip of the iceberg. Cockroaches hide in cracks, drains, sewers and walls, living near kitchens or food preparation areas to feed off spills and lay roach eggs. With an extremely quick reproductive cycle, it can be a huge challenge to remove cockroaches once they have settled. Don’t let a roach infestation ruin your life, with our bug exterminator options, you’ll have your home back in no time.

    What Will Cockroach Control Involve?

    Our treatment options may vary depending on the severity of your infestation, the current state of their breeding cycle and the type of property you own – with domestic and commercial sites requiring a different approach.

    In every case the treatment will begin with a thorough inspection of your premises, establishing the infected areas, the food sources they have used to survive and breed, and providing the framework for lasting roach control.

    We pride ourselves on using safe and environmentally friendly products, derived from the Chrysanthemum flower, that provide effective and lasting pest removal results without posing a threat to you or your family.

    At Black Label Pest Management we have the answers for your cockroach control concerns. Say goodbye to the scuttling menace with our range of effective and targeted treatments that will eradicate your roach infestation once and for all. Call our team of experienced exterminators and find out more today!