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    Termite Inspections

    Termites, also known as “silent destroyers,” live off a diet of wood, flooring and wallpapers. A recent survey from CSIRO indicated that approximately 1 in 3 dwellings have termites within the property boundary. Ultimately, each year termites cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage in Australian homes. To make matters worse, too often, property dealers or real estate businesses do not tell buyers about the state of the house in relation to termites or a previous presence of termites. Our dual focus covers proper termite inspection and termite treatment homes can trust.

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    Protect Your Home And Your Budget

    For all these reasons, a termite inspection is one of the most important steps for anyone going through the process of acquiring a new property. If you see any recent signs of termite damage then you must be sure to take the first step towards control before you have to pay for overpriced renovations around the house. This damage sign may include the feeling of damaged wood that has ‘softened.’

    This is where termite inspection comes in. At Black Label Pest Management, our team of professional termite inspectors will be happy to take a look around the place and let you know if there are any issues of which you need to be aware. Termite control can be difficult because different sub-species of this pest can cause different kinds damage on different material. But with the help of termite treatments we can manage to control and minimise further damage around the house.

    Total Termite Protection

    At Black Label Pest Management, we want to help you make the best informed decisions possible. From inspection, to prevention with the use of termite barrier treatments, to exterminating termite treatments, we are your definitive one stop shop of options and advice. Never feel out of your depth or embarrassed, we’re here to help and take pests off your mind without fuss or issue! So contact us and help guard your household against damage.