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    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are the part of the vampire family of insects, feeding on human blood like parasites. They are often found in close proximity to beds, wardrobes or couches because they feed on warm-blooded animals. They can travel through various things which mostly fall into the category of human belongings, hiding in mattresses, suitcases, clothes and so on. Despite their feasting on human blood, the bite of a bed bugs is not painful. The two things that attract these pests are: carbon dioxide and warmth. It is difficult to eliminate bed bugs because they can be nourished from a single feed for a long period of time, feasting on their diet for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Thankfully, our bed bug removal is designed to remove even the most well established pests!

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    Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

    Detecting if you are getting bitten by bed bugs might be the most difficult stage. Usually, these pests leave only small traces of their presence on your bed, like shells, fecal stains or blood stains. Other bed bug symptoms of their presence may include an itching or burning sensation – though be mindful to distinguish if you are experiencing bed bugs or the itch is the responsibility of a different insect invasion, such as mosquitoes or fleas!

    Lasting bed bug removal

    How to kill bed bugs is a tough process that requires a close investigation and professional process of elimination. The first step you can take is to make sure that you keep suitcases or luggage far from the bed or other places of rest and instead of keeping clothes folded, hang them. The next step for the elimination of pest control is to use pest sprays or proper pest control management to take care of any ongoing issues.

    At Black Label Pest Management, our expertise and well-honed products have ensured we are more than equipped to take care of all bed bug removal needs, as well as a range of troublesome pests. So don’t suffer in silence any longer! These little vampires can’t be stopped with garlic on the window sill or hanging crucifixes but we know the secrets to successful bed bug treatment, so reach out and speak to us today.