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    A rat control or mice control problem in your home or business can cause havoc if not properly dealt with. Rats are highly sociable, living in groups and breeding, so if you’ve seen evidence of rats – through droppings, gnaw marks or scratches, it is highly likely you have a rodent control problem. Gaining control back from your rat roommates however can be a challenge. On top of this, an unchecked rodent problem can invite snakes, which may threaten your family.

    Commonly found in the food and warehousing industries of the surrounding Newcastle region, rats are experts at hiding, building nests in roof voids, debris or sheds. With the ability to transmit diseases to humans and a breeding cycle that can overwhelm your home or business, you need to turn to the experts. You need, Black Label Pest Management – mouse exterminators and rat removalists!

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    The Benefits Of An Experienced Rat And Mouse Exterminator

    Beyond the very real health concerns, rat and mouse infestations are a highly stressful problem, bringing fear and anxiety for families who feel helpless to put a stop to them. It’s always tempting to try and take the DIY route towards rat redemption and mice removal, but choosing products, poisons and baits that are safe to place around your children or pets can be difficult. On top of this, there is no promise of a successful extermination.

    Professional Rodent Control

    A professional mouse/rat exterminator brings a wealth of experience and products proven to effectively target rats and mice, without compromising the health of you or your family. This is particularly useful for businesses where a single rat can destroy brand reputation, ruin ratings and reviews and ultimately affect the bottom line.

    Our professional and highly effective service takes away the stress of your rodent control problem. We start by identifying the degree of infestation, with some control problems treatable in one session. However, if the infestation is well rooted and consist of a strong breeding group, multiple visits may be required to manage bait stations placed strategically around your property.

    Don’t let rodents ruin your reputation, call Black Water Pest Management and let our team of exterminators bring about lasting rodent control and restore your peace of mind.