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    Ticks are tiny insects that are usually only growing up to 1cm in size. Usually, you will find ticks in areas which are located near lush bushland because many of the species require moisture to survive. Much like fleas, these pests rely on the blood of reptiles, mammals or birds for their survival. They can attack any animals yet they prefer certain hosts which include dogs, cats and humans. This means that you and your pets are vulnerable to the attack of ticks. Usually, if you or your pet has ticks you will be able to detect them easily because of their visible appearance, but safe tick control and tick removal should always be left to the experts.

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    How To Get Rid Of Ticks

    Ticks are also found inside houses and, much like bed bugs, they travel by the means of clothes, pets and hair. If you want to detect their presence you need to closely inspect your dog, cat, child or anyone in the house who may appear to be itching. Ticks can also find their way inside attics or storage rooms from where they can spread around to find the host. However, the need to move from one host to another to stay alive means if you can find the carrier of ticks and treat them on time, tick removal can be controlled. Tick removal is a complex task that might require professional help with tweezers, and to ensure you or your pet is safe, a job best left to professionals.

    What Makes Us Tick

    The best way to make sure that you are safe from ticks, and to prevent the need for tick removal at all, is to utilise proper inspection services that will take a close look around the house and your pets. Black Label Pest Management is a company that has pest control investigation team and treatments to constantly prioritize your safe. It will make sure that ticks are not making their way inside your house through your pets or other items. With regular inspections you can reduce the exposure to ticks which can take over and cause illnesses to the host and even spread from one to the other.

    Do you need help safely removing a tick from your furry friend? Or, are you feeling helpless against other infestations? No matter what the creature, Black Label Pest Management are the solution. So reach out and give us a call today!