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    Retail Pest Control

    As shopping centre doors constantly open and close and outlets leave their doors open to entice customers into their space it is understandable that retail outlets can quickly become vulnerable to pests. Pests around retail spaces can have many consequences for brand reputation, customer sales and physical damage done to store fronts and stock. From rodents to cockroachesants to moths, don’t let pests plague your business, let Black Label Pest Management take care of your retail pest control problems today.

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    DIY Retail Pest Control

    At Black Label Pest Management, we want you to be empowered to do everything you can to protect yourself against pests. Check out some of our DIY tips below on how to minimise the risk of pest problems in your retail space:

    1. Inspect for breached or open entrance points such as holes in fly screens, or small holes in the wall etc.
    2. Inspect for invitations that entice pests including standing water, rubbish and discarded equipment
    3. Clean regularly including properly discarding of employees’ food items and cleaning spillages thoroughly
    4. Educate and train your staff to understand pest prevention techniques
    5. Have a centralised, designated distribution point that can contain infestations of cockroaches that may arrive in your store in an shipping order just delivered
    6. Avoid clutter that may invite pests to settle in and find a hiding place
    7. Don’t DIY your retail pest control treatments! Emptying a can of Mortein around your shop is not a sustainable or healthy method of pest control. If you’ve discovered an issue that these tips aren’t helping to address give us a call at Black Label Pest Management.

    As locals in the Newcastle and Charlestown area for more than 20 years now, we’ve come to understand the need for specialized solutions, catering to every business’s specific needs. Our professional service is committed to helping you find rapid and discreet solutions to your issues, maintaining your brand reputation while delivering the highest quality product.  

    So if your retail business has been established without sufficient attention to strategies for pest control management give us a call and we’ll be able to help you out with our professional evaluation. It would be our pleasure to make your day pest-free!