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    Termite Control

    Unlike many other rodents, termites are rarely seen out in the open. Because they prefer dark and small spaces, it can be difficult to notice their presence until it’s too late and the damage is already done. Their destructive tendencies are focused mainly on buildings and wooden structures. And while termites are found in different places all over the world, they are a frighteningly common phenomenon in Australia, making termite pest control a must!

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    Stop Termites In Their Tracks

    The prevalence of termites has actually prompted Australian Standards to pass a termite management recommendation that each Australian home undergoes a minimum of one termite inspection annually. With research having shown that an Australian home has a 1 in 3 chance of being affected by termites over the life expectancy of the structure, it is clear that this is a major issue in Newcastle and the surrounding areas of the Hawkesbury.

    It is estimated approximately 32% of pre-purchase inspections confirms existing termite damage so don’t get caught out – contact us for a termite protection quote today! Widespread ignorance of the prevalence and adverse outcomes of termite infestations have seen too many expensive home and business properties critically damaged at huge expenses. If you’ve got termites in house, now is the time to act.

    Our Termite Exterminator Strategy

    Here is the good news; at Black Label Pest Management we are fully trained, equipped and experienced to put all your termite pest control problems behind you. Many of the services we offer are important tools for managing termites including:

    1. Pre and post-construction inspections – to prevent infestations throughout the construction process and catch pre-existing damage before making the plunge with a large investment
    2. Chemical barriers and physical barriers –  to provide deterrent zones and treat the wood to prevent access
    3. Monitoring stations – using timber inserts to monitor the presence of termites in new or existing properties
    4. Combination treatment – targeted termiticides or termite baits

    With this comprehensive approach, termites don’t stand much of a chance of surviving in your home or business. So witness the termite control Newcastle has been choosing for decades and gain some peace of mind with fast, affordable and quality termite pest control services on your doorstep.