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    Physical Treatments

    When most of us hear the words “pest control” one word usually springs to mind – “chemicals”. Although chemical treatments are a very efficient way to control pests, it is not the only way to rid your home of unwanted visitors and termites. But what exactly are physical treatments, and how effective are these methods? When it comes to termites, a

    termite barrier

    is a proven way to identify and avoid termite damage to your home.

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    What Are Physical Barriers?

    Just as the name implies, physical treatments are physical ways to remove pests. Physical pest control is an extremely effective way to eliminate pests, such as termitesrodentsants, and more. And, unlike other forms of pest control, you have many choices as to which physical pest control methods you use.

    What Are My Physical Barrier Options?

    These methods include things such as fly screens and barrier mesh, “proofing” for birds (such as netting), physical means of pest detection (such as trapping) and blocking access to your home to prevent pests like possums and rats from entering. In many cases, using physical pest treatments can permanently eliminate the problem. Physical controls can be implemented at pest breeding sites. And, by eliminating the breeding site, your pest problem can be permanently solved.

    Why Choose Physical Barriers?

    So, why should you choose physical treatments over other pest control methods? To decide, just answer some simple questions.

    • Do you have a pest problem you simply cannot shake?
    • Are you apprehensive about using chemicals, pesticides or other methods?
    • Or, do you want guaranteed, long-term control of the pest problem in your home?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, look no further than Black Label Pest Management. From fly screens to traps, netting, blocking pests’ access to your home and more, we are the leaders in physical pest treatments. Interested in learning more about termite barriers for existing homes? Read more here.

    To protect your home from rodents, termites, pests and more, call the Black Label Pest Management team to discuss the perfect physical treatment option for you.