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    Licensed Products

    At Black Label Pest Management, we believe the secret to effective pest management is using quality, licensed products. Pest management is a highly specialised skill. So, if you need a termite treatment, termite barrier, rodent, ants control and more, it’s essential to employ a licensed pest management expert.

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    A license to kill

    While there are many DIY pest control products on the market, there’s no guarantee that these will actually work. Licensed pest control products indicate a standard of assured quality. Also, you’ll have the security of mind that your pest management problem will be dealt with properly.

    As every pest situation requires a different approach, here at Black Label Pest Management we use unique licensed products to deal with every problem. In these assessments we draw on our professional training and more than 20 years of experience to determine the species of the pest infestation, the degree of the infestation and at what stage we are intervening – whether it may be proactive or reactive to a problem.

    Here are some of the licensed products our pest management experts use.

    For Termite Control and Termite Treatment

    • Termidor – This is our “go to” product for termite treatments and termite barriers. This product will eradicate termites and prevent structural damage.
    • Biflex – This cost-effective, repellent termiticide is best suited to termite barriers, control and treatment.

    For Pest and Rodent Control

    • Biflex – An extremely effective pest spray, this reliable product is particularly useful for large-scale application. It is also a quality choice for budget-conscious consumers.
    • Coopex – Used as a preventative measure, this is our product of choice for termite baiting and monitoring.
      Phantom – We use this non-repellent product to treat bed bugs, cockroaches and ants.
    • Protecta RTU – This small, lockable rodent bait station is very effective against mice, rats and other rodents. It can be placed behind the fridge, couch or washing machine.

    To ensure your next pest inspection, termite treatment or rodent eradication is done with certified, quality products, call the experts at Black Label Pest Management today.