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    Tiny and nocturnal, silverfish can be difficult to spot and even harder to exterminate. These small, wingless insects tend to infest attics, basements, bathtubs, sinks, kitchen, showers and even old books or photo collections. In these locations, they find their diet of starch and carbohydrates in book patching glue, old photo paper, silk, linen and shampoo, leaving silverfish larvae to continue the cycle. A distinct silver or brown in color, the silverfish is easily recognised by its three pronged bristletail and can cause a lot of damage in your home!

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    Wondering How To Get Rid Of Silverfish?

    Sometimes you might not realize that you are even bringing silverfish inside the house as they burrow inside the contents of plastic or cardboard boxes, making a professional residential exterminator a must. Especially if cardboard boxes are left in areas with a warm climate and a little moisture in the air, as this is the optimum breeding conditions for silverfish. If you’re wondering “are Silverfish harmful?” you’ll be at ease knowing that Silverfish do not carry diseases contagious for human life but, much like bed bugs and fleas, they may still trigger annoying or painful allergies.

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    Silverfish can cause serious issues as they may attract other pests inside your house or be responsible for devastating damage to your belongings including books, old photos, clothes and upholstery, making Silverfish control a priority. So if you are having a hard time tracing where these little pests are hiding but their trail of destruction is clear, then it’s time to take action. If silverfish are not controlled at an early stage they can also increase in population which leaves you vulnerable to their attacks. Don’t let these tiny crawlies slowly feed on your things, take the proper precautions now before it’s too late.

    We are trained in performing pest exterminations so that they quickly and efficiently rid your home of any traces of silverfish and silverfish eggs. With our help, you will be able to secure and protect your belongings from the threat of damage. How to get rid of Silverfish starts with a call to Black Label Pest Management today!