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    Transport and Logistics Protection

    At Black Label Pest Management, we understand the vulnerabilities that logistics warehouses and transport hubs possess that make pest infestations all the more likely.

    Our transport pest control

    services grew out of the understanding that, as products are transported from all over Australia and the world into a central location for further transport or storage, these facilities can become potential hot spots forvermin causing damage to products and threatening the health of employees. We are to help your business at every stage of the management process from prevention and solutions to ongoing deterrence.

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    Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

    The best form of vehicle pest control comes by preventing infestations before they appear or cause damage. With many years of inspection and extermination experience we can help to advise of exclusion and prevention control strategies to keep pests out of logistics facilities and ensure your staff and customers are safe and content at work. Exclusion control is essentially a preventative measure in which areas of the building where pests are likely to enter are sealed up. This is a buildings’ first line of defense and at Black Label Pest Management our experience has taught us to notice and address the most elusive breeches.

    Lasting Solutions

    Specialised detailed inspections help us to develop a comprehensive control plan tailored to your premises. With plenty of nooks to hide in throughout an entire warehouse facility, we always begin with a full inspection to ensure the most cost-efficient and thorough service possible to detect antsspiderscockroaches and more. With our organic and natural chemical transport insecticide solutions, our products are the benchmark in safe materials preventing food contamination and stopping pests dead in their tracks.

    Ongoing Deterrence

    Even within a single company, each logistics or warehousing facility is different and preventing long term recurring issues may be equally as unique for each location. Regular chemical treatments every 12 months is the most effective method for prevention of food contamination however our tips for DIY affordable strategies may also include suggestions including regular cleaning, clearance of spider webs, ensuring food products are stored securely.

    Need help with transport pest control to ensure your transport business or fleet is running at optimal cleanliness? Reach out and speak to one of our friendly experts today!