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    Australia is home to around 2,900 species of spider. For many, that is 2,900 too many. While it is only a small percent of these that pose a threat to life, many more can cause serious pain and discomfort while all of them can bring stress, anxiety and fear to families, so effective spider pest control is important. With the flora and fauna of the Charlestown, Newcastle and surrounding suburbs providing the ideal living conditions for spiders, they move towards homes looking for warm, dark and small spaces. While others prefer to stay outside and live in your garden, the common denominator remains – they are unwelcome!

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    What To Know About Spider Infestations

    While spiders can be found in dark and secluded locations in and around your home, it is best not to attempt to remove or kill them yourself. Our professional spider pest control experts are highly skilled at identifying and removing spiders so you and your family stay safe. When it comes to spider infestations, here’s what you should know to stay on top of your house pest control:

    • The size and shape of spider webs vary with each species, though a constant presence of spider webs indicates a control problem.
    • Certain species live below ground while others are free-ranging and live in any available crevice.
    • Moisture attracts some spider species, with basements, garden sheds and walls providing an inviting home.
    • Spiders feed on insects commonly found in your yard. If you have an existing ant, cockroach or other insect control problem, your chances of a spider infestation will increase.

    DIY Spider Prevention

    Like many insects, spiders come into your home looking for warmth and food, and don’t actively come to draw out our deepest fears (even if that is what they end up achieving). That means there are a few things you can do to lessen the chances of spiders moving into your garden and home.

    • Vacuum your home regularly – Keeping sheltered spots clean and clear of debris will make them less appealing to spiders. This includes worktops, behind cupboards and behind bulky furniture.
    • Make a habit of removing webs – Disrupting webs can deter spiders from staying in your home and remove the problem before a spider extermination is needed.
    • Fill in cracks and gaps – By limiting access to walls, pipes and doors you block off entry points for spiders.
    • Keep your garden neat and tidy – Firewood piles, compost bins, rubbish and general mess are all inviting homes for spiders, as well as rodents. By keeping your garden clear of these you remove their potential homes.