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    Types of Termite Treatment

    When setting out to eradicate a termite infestation on any scale, we always begin by examining  a wide range of options and tools that are available to our team to get the job done. Dousing a property with a single, patch up, potent chemical solution will never have the best outcome. Different types of termite treatment mean pest extermination is not a one-size fits all job, but a careful consideration and assessment based on years of experience and individual circumstances of each case.

    In assessing our options for termite treatment it is important to first recognise that “spot” types of termite treatment that attempt to target one area and not the entire property, are a gamble. Instead we consider more comprehensive treatments including:

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    Chemical Options (Liquids)

    Liquid treatments for termites have existed for several decades now. These may be applied to the soil to keep termites in the soil from entering the building and killing off those that are inside. Non-repellent liquids mark a development in termite control technology, drawing termites into the soil before infecting and killing them. Both of the following products used by Black Label Pest Management are non-repellent.

    • Termidor is a chemical solution that kills termites through contact and ingestion by disrupting their central nervous system. It is a very effective treatment for eradicating the pest but also in preventing structural damage in conjunction with termite barriers.
    • Biflex is an odourless, non-allergenic termiticide best suited to termite barriers.

    Physical Options (Baits)

    Termite baits essentially seek to introduce a slow-acting termiticide into a termite subterranean by placing a physical bait for them to consume.

    • A monitoring and baiting system is an extremely effective non-chemical termite treatment in which a bait is applied to the affected area (inside or outside) to eliminate the infestation and a simultaneous monitoring system is installed to notify the team at  Black Label Pest Management team if any new attacks are occurring.

    In order to be effective, Black Label Pest Management strongly recommends follow up inspections once annually for the first 2 years minimum after initial treatment. With termite treatment costs as low as ours you also get a priceless peace of mind. Give us a call today for your obligation-free quote!