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There’s many ways to get rid of a rat infestation in your home: depending on the environmental conditions, There are a couple of things that need to be worked out first.

What is Black Label Pest Managements process

Black Label Pest Management assess every home, inspecting the roof for rodent activity and yard areas, and then will provide an action plan to resolve any issue as quick as possible and will provide advise to limit the chances of there ever being a problem again.

How can you get rid of rats?

There are a few methods for  Getting rid of rats, baiting, trapping, rat traps and glue boards. The effectiveness of each varies on environmental factors, degree of infestation and the speed of which you would like the problem dealt with.

What is the quickest way to get rid of rats?

The most effective and quickest way is to bait the problem with a fast acting rodenticide. The rodents will consume the bait placed in the targeted areas, and the process starts to begin, which can take anywhere from 24hrs up to several days or even weeks just depending on when bait is consumed.

Where will the rats die?

It is not possible to determine exactly where the rodents will die, but rodents that have been affected by baits, will start to get thirsty and generally, they will leave to go in search for a water source and then die somewhere outside. There is also a possibility the rodents can die in the roof, or a wall cavity. 

What attracts rodents to my house?

A significant food source may be available in your surrounding area causing the rodents to establish large numbers, and eventually end up in your house. The ease of access they have to your roof,  you may have branches over hanging, a pergola or it may even be the construction style makes it easy for them to gain access

Some interesting facts about rodents

FACT! rodents are neo-phobic which means they are cautious of new things in there environment so when placing rodents bait stations it can take some time for them to even approach them to consume the bait placed inside it.

Facts for Newcastle residents  

Large rodents got to that size due to their ability to survive and are highly intelligent. They will tend to allow younger rodents to eat a new suspicious food source to see the outcome and if they watch that rodent die that has consumed the bait they remember the look and smell of it and will never consume that bait. 



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