How to Get Rid of Fleas in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

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Fleas are commonly found Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions.

With egg casings being able to lay dormant for up to 18 months, Some researchers say even longer this can be a very frustrating thing if you have just bought a property or even moved into a new rental and all of a sudden you have a flea infestation. Treating all lawn and internal flooring areas is essential to achieve eradicating the issue. Black Label Pest Management tailor all pest sprays for every individual property.

Where are the fleas coming from in my house?

The fleas can be coming from your pests, the grass areas outside, also you could be experiencing the Flea egg casings hatching and moving to the inside areas, you’re neighbours property could also be the source.  

What to do if you find fleas in your house?

Flea infestations will continue to get worse unless treated properly by a professional. Flea bombs may give you temporary relief but will not affect egg casings that will hatch and then the cycle will continue.  

How do I get rid of fleas in my house Australia?

A combined interior and exterior pest spray is advised. If the source of the problem is not deal with  the issue will continue after a pest spray is carried out a Flea treatment on all pets is required.  

How do I get rid of fleas in my house fast?

The quickest way to effectively get rid of Fleas is to book in a pest spray with a professional and while waiting for your appointment use a flea bomb which may give you temporary relief. 

How do fleas get inside the house?

Fleas can enter your home on your pests from the yard areas, they can be brought in by humans from walking on flea affected areas also. Fleas can jump travelling a fair distance to affect the insides your home. 

Where are fleas hiding in my house?

Fleas can be throughout the carpet, in between floor boards, in your lounge or even in your bed. Once Fleas have established themselves they can be infesting your entire house.

Where do the fleas keep coming from? 

Fleas can be coming from your yard, a neighbours property, the sub-floor area, your pets may have picked them up from walking your dog or even cats can bring them home after roaming the neighbourhood.


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