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What termite treatment is best for my house?

The best termite treatment is one that can provide a complete barrier as close to the slab edge or piers as possible. If a complete barrier is not possible the next best option is a monitoring and baiting system using the latest systems, which are great for  intercepting termites.

What is the best chemical to use to treat termites?

There are 2 main chemicals to choose from, a non-repellant and a repellant. A non-repellant is a great choice which is designed so termites don’t know they have come in contact with the chemical and in return infects the colony and you will get a withdrawal, as the termites do not know where the threat to the colony is coming from.

Are termite monitoring and baiting systems affective?

The latest technology systems are a fantastic product which allows you to destroy the termite colony that has consumed the bait rods, that are inside the system. The system designed to intercept termite foraging on your property. The only negative is the system needs monitoring every 3 months which has additional on going fees for the life of the system. 

Are termite treatments effective?

They are extremely effective at stopping termite re entry into the structure. The success of termite treatment all depends on the ability get a complete barrier around the footings or slab edge. If a complete barrier is possible there will be no possibility of termites being able to gain access to the structure again.



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